Early Monday morning I quietly slipped down the stairs to Maddie’s room.  I gently shook Maddie’s shoulders to wake her up without waking up the rest of the family.  “What time is it?”  Maddie asked as she woke out of her deep sleep.  5:00AM.  Memorial Day.  Time to go for a run.

But not just any run. 

On Memorial Day we weren’t running to train for Grandma’s Marathon.  We were running to honor my sister Marci, Maddie’s aunt, who died 2  years ago.  My sister Melissa, along with two of her daughters, picked us up and we drove up to Como Park to race in the Challenge Hearts and Minds 5K.  Marci dealt with different mental health issues during her life, and we feel that this race is the perfect one to remember her with.  Last year we had red shirts made to wear for the race, so we were all wearing those once again.

The weather was perfect.  55 degrees with just a whisper of a breeze.   As I strode out all I could think about was how each one of us is running our own race called life.  We don’t know whether our life race will be a sprint, 10K, or even a marathon.  What’s most important is that you run YOUR race.  Embrace your unique race whether you have rain, heat, shin splints, or sunshine. 

After the race we celebrated with breakfast at Little Oscars Restaurant.  Post-race breakfast would have been Marci’s favorite part.  Now, back to training.