Today Dale and I ran road races to help us prepare for our run at Grandma’s. Dale’s half marathon race was part of his training plan. My 5K was more to get some racing experience before I do the 5K at Grandma’s. We ran in Rochester at the Med City Marathon. It was a warm morning but fortunately there was a breeze.

 Dale talks about his half marathon starting in Byron. “The road to Rochester has a few hills, but after I went up one, I could always find my way back down (usually at a faster pace). Going up the long hill around mile 7 or so, I passed a couple age-group competitors. One shouted “Pork Power, I thought it was spinach that worked!” He came up to me after the race and said, “I need to change my diet.” We talked a little, and I invited him to visit our booth at the Grandma’s Marathon Expo to get some samples. My time was 1:31:15, about a 7:05 pace, and I finished 20th overall. I hit my target at 10K, and the rest of the race was by feel. It did feel good to stretch my racing out that far, and it was a very good Grandma’s tune-up.”

 My 5K started in Rochester at the YMCA. There were about 200 people, some runners and some walkers. I started toward the back of the group and kept passing people, trying to run at a pace that was comfortable with me. I ran with one younger couple for a little while and then passed them, but they came back and passed me towards the end of the race. The mental hurdle I needed to get over was the thought that somewhere around 2.75 miles I was going to run out of energy and need to walk. I’m happy to say I got over that hurdle and proved to myself I can run 3.1 miles. My time was 26:56, which beat my goal of 10 minute miles.

 Both Dale and I felt good at the end of the race and throughout the rest of the day. I guess that’s a sign that we were prepared and ran the right pace. In fact, we felt good enough to take the kids shopping to Mankato later in the afternoon. I’m glad we had the chance to run this race and get prepared. It gets me even more excited for Grandma’s and gets the competitive juices flowing, wondering if and how I can improve on my time.

 Check out our post race picure under the photos tab.