The rollercoaster of training for Grandma’s Half Marathon continues.  I’m assuming every runner has those “that was amazing, I feel fabulous” runs and those “remind me again why I’m doing this” runs.  The past few weeks Maddie and I had many runs in the latter category.

I’ve been self-doctoring my right calf for the past month.  I repulled my calf muscle while running on soft gravel.  That run was the first in a string of rough runs.  It is so hard to rest when you should be at the peak of training.  But  I finally decided I would rather run Grandma’s slowly than not at all.  So… I rested, I iced, Brandon massaged my calf, I ran slowly on the treadmill, and I bought a calf sleeve for support.  And it seems to be working!

Maddie and I headed out for a long run this past weekend.  We both just bought new Adidas shoes.  New shoes always make a girl feel better!  We also tried out our new running jerseys that we will be wearing for the race.  Check them out on our photos.  And, finally, I had a calf that was willing to go the distance.  It was a well-deserved good run.  It was a good day!