“Let’s do laundry”. These are the code words that Teresa Stevermer, my good friend who’s running the half marathon at Grandma’s, and I use when we want to go biking. We started this last year. It seems like every time we wanted to go biking, it would be rainy and windy. But if we said “let’s do laundry”, the weather would be nice. Apparently even the weather doesn’t like laundry.

Even though we live only ½ a mile from each other and our kids are in activities together, biking allows us to catch up with what’s happening in each other’s lives. It’s also a chance to vent our frustrations and channel that energy towards something positive, exercise.

Yesterday we biked around Mankato. We started in Rapidan on the Red Jacket trail and ended up north of Mankato on the Sakatah trail. These are really nice trails and we discovered a new park only a few blocks from where I work. The river and buildings have different perspective when you’re biking right next to them and not on the street in your car.

On the way back, after we’d done about 24-25 miles, we decided to take a trail that led to Minneopa Park. I don’t think that either of us realized we’d have to bike up a big, long hill. Even though our legs were tired and we were low on energy we kept going. About half way up the hill, in a moment of weakness, I shouted out “I’m going to walk”. Teresa looked back at me and said “really?” With that I knew I couldn’t walk and slowly, but surely we made it up the hill. After a mile or so of recovery, we decided going to Minneopa may be farther than what we wanted to do, so we headed back to Rapidan. For the day, we biked 32 miles.

The second best part of “doing laundry” is lunch. We ate at the Cottage Café in Amboy. I don’t think there was a bit of food left on our plates. Teresa and I talked about how much we enjoy being involved in our kids’ activities, but we also need time for ourselves. Biking provides us some great get away time and just as important, good exercise.  

So the next time you hear Teresa and I talking about “doing laundry” it may mean more than you think. We’re already planning the next laundry day.