Many people have  considered changing what they eat to make a change in their body.  This is commonly referred to as a “diet”.  But, have you ever considered changing what you eat to maximize your mental health?  I rarely hear this subject talked about, but I know first hand the powerful impact of sugar on your brain.

Four years ago I was searching for help with my ever-increasing exhaustion, depression, and “checked-out” way in which I was living my life.  I was looking for a natural change and didn’t want to have to turn to prescription medication.  I ran across a magazine article that described sugar’s powerful influence on the brain.  Too much sugar can cause a false “high” which cannot be maintained over a long period of time.  Eventually, eating sugar no longer results in a “high”, but can start to have adverse effects such as exhaustion and depression.  

I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to cut sugar out of my diet.  Now, realize, I had been eating “a lot” of sugar.  I loved chocolate!  So, one Friday in August 2006, I went without eating any candy or sweets.  The next day I woke up throwing-up sick.  My body was addicted to sugar and going without it made me ill. 

The process of kicking the sugar habit was a long one and I felt like giving up quite often.  I would dream at night of eating cookies.  But, I started feeling mentally better almost immediately and this change kept me from falling back into my old eating habits.  The one event that just about crushed me and sent me back to chocolate was when my sister, Marci, died.  That was a time that really tested my resolve.

Giving up sugar completely may not be the answer for everyone.  But it is important to know how big of an influence too much sugar can be on your mental health.  Maintaining a balanced diet is the “key”.  Protein is such an important piece of a healthy diet, and pork is a tasty and easy option for your protein needs.  Happy eating!