Well, the past couple weeks have been a test of my will – and not at all about running. I have had to deal with an outbreak of PRRS (Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome) that has rolled through my herd. It has had a devastating affect on my farrowing production, as it causes sows to abort their litters. Losing about 75% of the litters due in the next month has meant some pretty demoralizing mornings while doing chores.

It has been difficult to remain on an even keel as I navigate this disease, but that is where my running has picked me up. I am now grateful that I logged the miles I did in Jan – mid April. I don’t count the last couple weeks in April because of planting and the required tractor time. Now, though, I can put in 40 and 50 mile weeks to satisfy the marathon training plan. These runs, which range from 6.5 miles (hard intervals) to 10 miles (today’s tempo run) to Saturday’s 20 miler all have given me an avenue to let out my frustrations and a chance to think without too many distractions. Now, I haven’t come up with too many solutions, but my attitude improves when the endorphins kick in.

I have also taken time to watch Brett and Adam compete in their track meets. Watching Adam double the 1600 and 800, with PR’s in each, was quite motivating. I am also pumped to watch Brett compete for USC/AC in today’s 3200m contest at the True Team Sections. He has earned his spot on this team, and will have to use different tactics tonight to improve on his time to boost the team score. There is a lot of focus when your event is second to last.

There are three kinds of people: those that MAKE it happen, those that LET it happen, and those that say “what happened?”  Vies