This last week of cool windy weather has forced me back inside on the treadmill. I don’t have the fancy, wind stopping, moisture absorbing, create your own heat type of clothes that Dale has. I also just don’t seem to have that same desire to take on the elements like he does. So cold, wet, windy weather feels just, well, ….. cold, wet and windy.

It’s amazing how boring the treadmill becomes once you’ve experienced the outdoors. I’d come to enjoy the 2- 2.5 mile runs with Dale. In addition, I’d bought a new bike this spring. This bike is lighter and more efficient which means with the same amount of energy I’m traveling farther. I’ve also noticed this new bike seems to travel better through the ever present prairie winds, which makes the ride more pleasant.

So my last three workouts have been back on the treadmill and while I can tell I’m stronger and even able to run my intervals at faster speeds, I can’t help but look down at the odometer and say “is that all the farther I’ve gone?” Two minutes outside seem much shorter than two minutes inside. Why is that?

Still, I’m grateful for the treadmill because in the past, the alternative would have been to say “it’s too windy, I guess I’ll just skip my workout today.” Then I’d feel miserable for not having done anything. Besides, if I get tired of the treadmill, I always have Wii Fit. Don’t laugh, 6 minutes of Super Hula Hoop is tougher than you think.