I arrived at work this morning frustrated.  My calf muscle has been bothering me, and I’m when I’m resting it I feel like I should be running and when I’m running I feel like I should be resting my injury.  And honestly, most people start to yawn when I talk training with them.  Especially if I go in depth about injuries.  Fortunately, my coworkers are understanding and listen attentively as I go on and on about the mundane topic of training.  My coworkers are male pigs… seriously.

I run our farm’s boarstud.  Just me and the boars.  Not another human in sight.  My path to this job was not a direct one.  In fact, I didn’t even realize I was going there, until one day it presented itself.  I got my college degree in physical education, with animals being the furthest thing from my  mind.  When our children came along, Brandon and I decided that staying home with our children was the most important job I would ever do.  And then one day Brandon came home and asked, “How would you like to run a boarstud?”

You must be joking was the first thing that came to mind.  But, he wasn’t joking.  The second thing that entered my head was “how am I going to explain what my new job is in our Christmas letter?”  With a little convincing, I said “yes”, and here I am 7 years later still doing the same job.  What do you do in a boarstud?  In short, I collect semen and put it in tubes to use to breed our sows.

It really has been a good fit for my life.  I can go to work any time of the day or night.  I can bring my kids to work with me.  I can vent at work without any worry of it getting back to someone.  And I developed a whole new respect for anyone that works with animals.  If only the boars knew more about running…