Maddie and I continue to log miles training for Grandma’s 1/2 marathon.  We’ve entered the midway point that feels like running through quicksand.  The excitement of beginning training has passed.  Minor body pains are developing as the mileage increases to its peak.  The plan I am following calls for three weeks without any days off.  I’m not sure if that is realistic for me and my body.  I pulled a muscle in my calf a year ago, and the ghost of that injury is starting to haunt me.  So… we keep inching toward our goal.

This past weekend called for an 11-12 mile run.  Maddie had to run rather than going to watch Grand March for Prom.  She wasn’t very happy about that fact.  We do all of our long training runs on a trail not far from our home.  It’s a flat trail and sheltered from the wind.  We headed out without much talking.

Then, something magical happened.  We stopped for a bathroom break (not the magical part) and Maddie started chatting with a few people on bicycles.  They asked her, “How far are you running today?”  

“Eleven miles.”

“Are you training for something?”

“Grandma’s Half Marathon.”

“I’m doing that too.”

Wow… that ignited a spark in Maddie.  Maddie said, “I met the first person I know that is doing Grandma’s!”  We talked more as we started our last five miles.  After a couple miles, we saw a thirty-something woman running toward us.  We had seen her going the other way earlier in our run.  I knew she had been on the trail over an hour.  Most people don’t run more than an hour unless they are training for something.   I gave her a thumbs up sign and asked, “Hey, are you training for something?”


“Half or Whole?”


“Us too!”

“I’m Jennifer”

“Monica and Maddie”

This whole conversation lasted maybe five seconds, because of course you don’t stop running to talk.  Maddie beamed!  There’s nothing like meeting other people that share your same goal.  It definitely energized us for the rest of our run.  Seven weeks to go…