While growing up, my dad always referenced drops in pig performance to corn planter’s disease (i.e. time spent in tractor as opposed to the detail work that the pigs need.) Well, to an extent I personally suffered from that this past week, also. My hours and miles of training really plummeted this week, as I realized that getting 20 acres planted each hour was a priority over that hour of training. Also, my shoes wore out, and I didn’t have the spare pair ready to go.

Fortunately, corn planting landed on a “recovery” week, in which my body should strengthen itself through a lower level of training. I also eliminated some easy runs, so I just ran on Tuesday (1K intervals) and Thursday (3.5 mile tempo run). I also should have run a 10K race on Saturday, but couldn’t find a really local one and didn’t trust the shoes I was using, so opted for a 10 mile bike ride with Lori instead. Planting of corn wrapped up Friday afternoon, so some pressure is off.

As I mentioned, my shoes wore out last week. After the interval workout, my Achilles felt a little tweaky during the cooldown 1.5 miles. These shoes have about 450 miles on them, which is about how long my running shoes last. I had ordered a pair of Newton Sir Isaac S shoes to replace these near the end of March, but evidently I decided on a very popular type of shoes, since they have been on back order since. With a tender Achilles on my mind, I quickly ordered a pair of Brooks Switch (direct replacements of Brooks Vapor I was running in) and went back to the field. I tried another retired pair of shoes on the tempo run, and while there was no pain during the workout, I felt runner’s knee during the cooldown. Those shoes are staying retired for sure!

To end on positive notes, though, I must mention that the corn planted, much earlier than we have ever done. I don’t feel it was too early, though, because it coincides with our asparagus production. Also, while time will tell for sure, I don’t think too many pig-related things were neglected. I was even able to wash a finishing room and fill it Friday and Saturday, so Monday’s weaning will also be on time. The next three weeks will be peak effort and mileage weeks, so some days will be pretty busy.

Success is a peace of mind that is a direct result of knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.- John Wooden