This past weekend I was able to ride my bike for the first time this season. I did 10.6 miles in 42.26 minutes and averaged about 14.5 miles per hour. That’s pretty good for my first ride of the year. Doing more intense workouts at a greater frequency on the treadmill this past winter must have helped.  It felt nice to exercise a different set of muscles and especially to take some stress off my knees and hip. I really enjoy biking, probably because it seems easier than running and also because I can go longer distances. I’ve always enjoyed sports that have a high degree of activity and feel like you’re really doing something.

The day after my bike ride, I went for a 2.25 mile run. I wasn’t sure how my legs would respond but they felt good and I had a pretty strong pace. My daughter Beth rode her bike along with me, which was a big help. Once again it was a windy day and having someone with me out on the road helps motivate me. Plus Beth is such a pleasant young lady, it’s just fun having her around. She’s hoping to run one of the fun kid’s races up in Duluth during the marathon weekend.

As the weather warms up, I plan to get out on my bike more often. At the same time, I want to start stretching my running distances so that I get closer to the 3.1 miles I’ll be running in Duluth. I wasn’t sure how this running would go, but I’m enjoying it and am pleased that when I’m done, I feel good both mentally and physically.