We live on a hill and it is ALWAYS windy.  Sometimes it is a breeze and sometimes gale force winds.  When Maddie and I walk out the door to run, we look at what direction our American flag is blowing, and plan our course from there.  We have many options… out and back, around the block, north/south, east/west, you get the idea.

This past week the wind has been whipping something fierce, 25-30 mph many days.  Yesterday we took the wind head-on on our way out and got to have it at our back  coming home.  Other days we have chosen to take the wind at our sides during the whole run.  It has become challenging, and it comes down to staying focused on your goal and remaining mentally tough.  That has become our mantra, “mental toughness”.

When the wind has really worn us down, we choose to drive to a trail close to our home that is sheltered from the wind.  What a treat that is!  That is where we are headed today for our 8 mile run.  We plan to get our run done while my husband Brandon and children, Kendrah and Max, are working in our sow unit.  Then this afternoon we will celebrate Easter at my parent’s home.