Today Dale and I ran 2 miles together, which is something we haven’t done for years. For him, it was an easy training day. For me, it was a chance to run outdoors for the first time this season. Quite frankly the strong winds were intimidating so I figured having him run with me would help. It did.

The run felt good. Yes, the winds were strong as we went out, but Dale helped me keep an even pace. Coming back, I felt like I could open it up, but once again he encouraged me to keep a steady consistent stride.

My knees feel fine and I felt like I could have pushed myself more. But Dale says I shouldn’t push myself to the point of exhaustion. Feeling good and wanting to run again is important and that pretty much hits the mark. My run felt good and I want to go out again and try a little longer distance.

We think of running as an individual sport. But having someone to run with you, to guide and encourage you, can be a real asset.