Well, Sunday morning was an early run. After a warmup jog, I turned around and ran 3.11 miles hard. The course wasn’t spectacular, just 1.5 miles either side of our farm. I also ran into a 8 mph headwind, mostly so that I wouldn’t get too cold running back home.

The neat thing – my time was 20:24. I don’t know how that calculates on age-graded charts, but the effort was hard. My legs felt strong, but my lungs didn’t quite seem like they could keep up. I sounded so bad I was glad I was alone the last mile.

One other thing – I have more appreciation for cross country runners. Brett has a 9:17 PR as a 9th grader, and Adam ran 20:44 as a 7th grader. On grass. In crowds. Now that I know how hard I worked to get there, I will give them more support and encouragement as they run.

There is no shortcut. Success lies in over-coming obstacles everyday.