Hey everyone, this is Maddie writing.  I go to Goodhue School and I am in 7th. grade.  I have enjoyed running my whole life, but have just recently decided to take on running in races and competitively.  As many other people my age will tell you, I have a very busy life that includes school work, dance, piano, volleyball, religion, 4-H, basketball, theatre, and working on our family’s hog and cattle farm.  Trying to fit training in on top of all of that is a little bit of a challenge but with some hard work and determination, I seem to be getting it done so far. 

Earlier today my mom and I ran eight miles on a trail about 20 minutes away from our house.  I feel great after it and the best part is that I broke my record for the longest distance I have run in my whole lifetime.  Passing some people on the trail got me to thinking about  how lucky I am to be able to have the strength to just decide I want to run and go do it.  I don’t have to spend a whole lot of time getting ready before hand.  As I start putting on more miles, I am starting to realize how much I really do enjoy running.  It is just like any other hobby someone else would have.

Continue to read and I will continue to blog.  I am off to get ready for a new week of school.  Only three days this week! Yes!  Bye bye for now.