I tried a new recipe last night, Thai Pork Burritos. It was a big hit with the family. Even Beth, who can be pretty choosy, told me she really liked it. The Thai Burritos use ground pork. I had gotten way from using ground pork the last few years. But I picked up a recipe book from the MN Pork Board and when I started looking through it, I realized there were a lot of interesting dishes to try. Fortunately this is about the time we needed to butcher a hog, so we had some of it made into ground pork.

Pork has become leaner over the last few years and our ground pork really reflected this. There was no fat to drain off. The taste of pork is a nice change in many dishes that call for ground hamburger.

I challenged myself to find new ways to prepare pork that still fit into our healthy lifestyle. I’m glad to say the first recipe I tried met that challenge. If you want to find new ways to prepare pork, go to www.TheOtherWhiteMeat.com.