As I mentioned in my last post, I am traveling with the United South Central High School Band and Choir as they visit St Louis and Memphis. This trip has been good so far, and I give high marks to the students on this trip. Their performances have been great, and their behavior has been outstanding. Today we will visit Graceland, the Civil Rights Museum and Beale Street. Most of the kids are jazzed for today’s events (pun intended).

One of the very difficult things to do as you travel is maintaining some sort of diet and exercise regimen. It is very easy to eat healthy at home when you have total control of the foods available to you. On the road, and especially on a bus trip, food choices can become limited. The bus will stop where there are a couple fast food joints available, and choices become more difficult. One way I combat this is to eat well at the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, thus keeping fuller during the day. In fact, this morning’s breakfast included an omelet, some thin sliced ham, a bowl of raisin bran, a bowl of fruit and coffee. Now this sounds like a lot, but with the apple I stashed away, I could probably go until mid-afternoon before needing to eat. Also, I am at a stage in the training process where excess energy stored as fat can be metabolized on my long runs. This is a short term situation that will be changed Monday morning when I get home.

The training portion would be easier to accomplish on the road if I only had to be responsible for myself. Chaperone duties mean I have to be available on a moment’s notice, and the schedule is more rigid when traveling with about 80 people. So, Thursday morning I ran at 6:00am, doing 1/2 mile loops in an adjacent strip mall parking lot. Traffic picked up during the last loop, so I was glad to be done. Last night about 18 members of the track team needed a workout, so I was one of 4 chaperones that participated. It was a short tempo workout compared to what was on my schedule, but it was 1-1/2 miles at speed, so it felt good. We may have time for an easy run tonight, then tomorrows’s bus ride home will be a forced day off.

Don’t think “if”, think “how.”