“Guess what? The MN Pork Board decided to be a major sponsor of the 2010 Grandma’s Marathon, and I kinda volunteered that you would be interested in running it.”

Those words came from my wife Lori after she returned from a Promotion and Image Committee meeting last December. My immediate response was lukewarm because my mind was swarming with the possibilities, and responsibilities, laid in front of me. Now I am in full training mode and looking forward to June 19, 2010, when I race from Two Harbors into downtown Duluth.

I grew up on the farm south of Easton where we now live, and I am the 3rd generation of Stevermers to live and raise pigs here. My operation consists of 150 sows farrow to finish, with about half of the production sold as Compart Premium Duroc Pork. I also raise corn and soybeans on 450 acres.

As the days roll by to this marathon, I want to keep you informed of my progress. I will post some of my training accomplishments, blog some about the nutritional importance of pork in my diet, and share some insights about running in general. Other Pork Power team members will also chime in.

At this time a few pork producers have been invited to run the marathon’s associated races – the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon and the William A. Irvin 5K. If you are a running hog farmer and would be interested in this promotion, please contact Pam at the MPB office.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.